Hardanger Hundepensjonat – Best Dog Training Center in Norway


Hardanger Hundepensjonat are best for dogs where we trained dogs, dressage training, can also take hunting dogs for training / dressage. “Romma” is bright and nice for dogs and easy-going for us. The air yard is in place just outside the wall. We help to dog and trained in effective manner. Here the dog is in the center, it will be enough, and the dog owner will be there too, and then we will also be naked. Morten is a father in the house and has been active with bird dogs for just over 25 years. Drives ostinga small farm and has built the farmhouse to accommodate 20 dogs.

We have great team who work and trained dogs friendly. Our team work with cleanliness, feeding, aeration and not least, he is dog’s best friend. In our center, we perform competition between dogs and gives everyone prized for hunting.

Remember – Include:


The dog must bring a valid vaccination certificate.

It must be vaccinated against




– common liver inflammation

The vaccine must not be older than two years,

and not more than ten days.


or other surface with a little familiar smell.

Bring enough to wash easily.

we have blankets if you do not bring.

Food bowls and drinking bowls have us.


is included in the price, but if your dog

want your own, so welcome to

to bring your own.

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Try us, do not host the dog and you are looking forward to it, please tell us. Is the dog and you satisfied, please tell all your dog friends.